Thursday, July 23, 2009

WTF is Swagbucks?!?

8:35:10 PM incrediblyhuge: do u want free stuff
8:35:51 PM Pirate: do you want a punch in the face?
8:36:13 PM incrediblyhuge: NO
8:36:42 PM Pirate: then why would I want "free" stuff
8:37:15 PM incrediblyhuge: all u have to do is search things like google and it gives u free points
8:37:23 PM incrediblyhuge: that u can waste like money
8:37:43 PM Pirate: most likely it also bots my computer and reports everything I type via a keylogger also
8:38:07 PM incrediblyhuge: what the hell are u saying
8:38:21 PM incrediblyhuge: huh tuff guy
8:38:35 PM Pirate: lol, you can use the product you are pimping to search up those terms, bots and keylogger
8:38:40 PM Pirate: I am sure you can figure it out
8:39:05 PM Pirate: right?
8:39:34 PM incrediblyhuge: its confusing
8:39:39 PM incrediblyhuge: go slower
8:40:31 PM Pirate: go slower? you can alway go back and reread it
8:40:53 PM incrediblyhuge: so do u want free stuff
8:41:02 PM incrediblyhuge: please say yes
8:41:30 PM Pirate: have you ever heard the phrase, "no such thing as a free lunch"
8:42:26 PM incrediblyhuge: just check it out
8:42:45 PM incrediblyhuge:
8:43:32 PM Pirate: there is no way i am clicking that link
8:43:54 PM incrediblyhuge: did u click it
8:44:35 PM Pirate: I am deactivating you
8:45:05 PM incrediblyhuge: u can get free games
8:45:25 PM Pirate:
8:45:34 PM Pirate: THIS NEEDS TO STOP!
When our users spam the internet with these FAKE OFFERS it makes the entire Swagbucks network look fraudulent, gamey, and a hoax, which you all know is completely not true. From this point forward if we come across ANY of these types of offers to go along with referral codes then that person will be DEACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY. 8:45:42 PM Pirate: i am going to deactivate your account
8:46:01 PM incrediblyhuge: why!!!
8:46:23 PM incrediblyhuge: please dont im just tryin to get me a game
8:46:31 PM incrediblyhuge: im poor
8:46:48 PM Pirate: email sent
8:46:55 PM Pirate: good luck keeping your account
8:47:02 PM incrediblyhuge: noooooooooooooo!!!
8:47:48 PM incrediblyhuge: why would u do that
8:50:08 PM incrediblyhuge: im your friend
8:51:19 PM incrediblyhuge: if u didnt want me to write to u
8:51:27 PM incrediblyhuge: then u should have said so

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