Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First in a long time

10:32:31 PM xefreestyle: hey who are u'
10:32:43 PM Pirate: that is not very polite
10:32:51 PM xefreestyle: lol
10:32:51 PM xefreestyle: its not 
10:33:02 PM xefreestyle: i use to own that aim a long time ago
10:33:09 PM Pirate: how long ago?
10:33:13 PM xefreestyle: like 4 years
10:33:19 PM Pirate: you sir are a liar
10:33:24 PM xefreestyle: no cause i had jacked it 
10:33:26 PM xefreestyle: sir
10:33:34 PM Pirate: i have had this aim since 2007
10:33:47 PM xefreestyle: well i jacked it 4 years ago 
10:33:53 PM xefreestyle: arent you afraid of hackers
10:33:57 PM Pirate: well you didnt
10:34:01 PM xefreestyle: well i did 
10:34:08 PM Pirate: i can prove i had it the entire time :)
10:34:16 PM xefreestyle: please do if you can
10:34:20 PM xefreestyle: do you even hack
10:34:30 PM xefreestyle: i dont think so
10:34:35 PM xefreestyle: Look my aim hoe 
10:34:40 PM xefreestyle: Aim-Future
10:34:45 PM Pirate: lol
10:34:49 PM xefreestyle: hmu bitch
10:34:58 PM xefreestyle: Jacked 
10:35:00 PM xefreestyle: yolo
10:35:01 PM xefreestyle: :)
10:35:06 PM xefreestyle: are you a hacker
10:35:06 PM xefreestyle: hmm
10:35:21 PM xefreestyle: look
10:35:23 PM xefreestyle: bro
10:35:29 PM Pirate: SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2007
10:35:31 PM xefreestyle: you know jacking aims is easy 
10:36:01 PM xefreestyle: wat da fuck about 
10:36:10 PM xefreestyle: this kid is a perv
10:36:17 PM Pirate: you are going to end up on there also
10:36:20 PM xefreestyle: me 
10:36:21 PM xefreestyle: really
10:36:25 PM xefreestyle: hmm for what
10:36:41 PM Pirate: those are all the random im's i get from folks
10:36:46 PM Pirate: i post them on that blog
10:37:11 PM xefreestyle: Ok my bad i mistaked you wrong person that wasnt the aim i jacked woops but um are you serious but about all those blogs is that ur site
10:37:26 PM Pirate: uh yah, why would i lie?
10:37:33 PM xefreestyle: you didnt 
10:37:35 PM xefreestyle: and lol
10:37:43 PM xefreestyle: Do you jack
10:38:00 PM Pirate: you are just lame, sir
10:38:07 PM xefreestyle: I was just asking 
10:38:11 PM xefreestyle: if you jack aims 
10:38:13 PM xefreestyle: or anything
10:38:28 PM Pirate: you be a good boy in school tomorrow :)
10:38:35 PM xefreestyle: um
10:38:36 PM xefreestyle: im 23 
10:38:43 PM xefreestyle: with a wife and 2 kids 
10:38:44 PM xefreestyle: sir 
10:38:48 PM xefreestyle: so calm down
10:38:52 PM Pirate: lulz and you are asking if i jack aims
10:38:56 PM xefreestyle: yea 
10:39:04 PM xefreestyle: i do this as a part time cash
10:39:13 PM xefreestyle: but i work 5 days a week
10:39:16 PM xefreestyle: i do this after work
10:39:18 PM xefreestyle: try at least
10:39:18 PM Pirate: go play with your kids, and enjoy the attention they give you
10:39:24 PM xefreestyle: dude 
10:39:27 PM xefreestyle: there asleep
10:39:30 PM xefreestyle: l0l
10:39:53 PM xefreestyle: :???????????/
10:39:55 PM Pirate: oh and learn some grammar: they are asleep, or, they're asleep
10:40:07 PM xefreestyle: ok whatever
10:40:09 PM xefreestyle: um
10:40:17 PM xefreestyle: who are you what do you go by
10:40:21 PM xefreestyle: mr pirate
10:41:27 PM xefreestyle: ?

Monday, April 23, 2012


12:49:06 PM j.oke: have a HF?
12:49:16 PM Pirate: a what?
12:49:23 PM j.oke: hack forums..
12:49:31 PM Pirate: what is a hack forum?
12:49:35 PM j.oke: nvm
12:49:37 PM j.oke: lol
12:49:39 PM Pirate: loser
12:49:59 PM j.oke: calling me the loser when you haven't even heard of HF ?
12:50:17 PM j.oke: its been out for like 5years
12:50:41 PM Pirate: most likely because i dont need to go to a HF
12:50:49 PM j.oke: ok nice

Friday, October 28, 2011

Want to sell that?

8:40:25 PM noob: yo
8:40:33 PM Pirate: what?
8:40:55 PM noob: interested in trading/selling that name?
8:41:04 PM Pirate: nope
8:41:15 PM noob: too bad
8:41:26 PM Pirate: i have been offered $5000 before and I turned it down
8:41:32 PM noob: rofl
8:41:35 PM noob: now you're just lying
8:41:39 PM Pirate: and i can prove it
8:41:43 PM Pirate: it is on my blog
8:41:43 PM noob: but thats too bad anyway
8:41:50 PM noob: show me
8:41:53 PM Pirate: all my chats like this are on my blog
8:41:57 PM Pirate: this one will be later
8:42:00 PM noob: lol
8:42:09 PM noob: well, i'll be pulling your info later
8:42:13 PM Pirate: you do that
8:42:18 PM noob: whats your blog
8:42:27 PM Pirate: if you are as smart as you think you are
8:42:35 PM noob: lol
8:42:37 PM Pirate: you can ask around and find it, or use the google and find it
8:42:42 PM noob: k
8:42:44 PM noob: :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AO-Haxor request

12:26:52 PM liljon: CHAT=
12:27:11 PM Pirate: what?
12:27:37 PM liljon: need the leet scripto kiddie opssec snitchers chat
12:28:14 PM Pirate: uh what?
12:28:47 PM liljon: THE ELITE HAX0R chat you guys stay in
12:29:11 PM Pirate: i honestly have no idea what you are talking about
12:29:39 PM liljon: you aren't a leet ao-haxor who exploited that mighty fine sn?
12:29:56 PM Pirate: um no
12:30:20 PM liljon: sheesh, i take it you're just a normal guy who actually pays for a pretty name like that
12:30:43 PM Pirate: guess so, but aol is free
12:31:00 PM liljon: how long have u owned that?
12:31:10 PM Pirate: dunno, years

Friday, June 24, 2011


12:28:14 PM al0l: swag aswag swag
12:28:35 PM Pirate: school must be out
12:28:52 PM al0l: yup
12:28:57 PM al0l: been out for 5 years now
12:28:58 PM al0l: ;o
12:29:15 PM Pirate: you dropped out of junior high?
12:29:30 PM al0l: no
12:30:09 PM al0l: i got a surprise ... one sec's
12:33:03 PM al0l: i'll show surprise laters
12:33:09 PM al0l: omg its leet
12:33:11 PM Pirate: whatever

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Threatened from the Internet, sort of.

11:10:57 PM blackmesasource: sup emil?
11:11:38 PM blackmesasource: sup emil?
11:12:22 PM blackmesasource: sup emil?
11:12:51 PM blackmesasource: sup emil?
11:14:34 PM blackmesasource: sup emil?
11:14:43 PM Pirate: whats your problem?
11:14:55 PM blackmesasource: ok so i reported your blog
11:15:04 PM Pirate: my blog?
11:15:14 PM blackmesasource: pirate-random
11:15:25 PM Pirate: reported it as what?
11:16:00 PM blackmesasource: impersonation / posting private information
11:16:18 PM Pirate: neither of those were done
11:16:23 PM blackmesasource: if you take down our conversation, blogger won't delete your blog outright
11:16:24 PM blackmesasource: well
11:16:28 PM blackmesasource: i've reported more
11:16:28 PM blackmesasource: so..
11:16:29 PM Pirate: but hey, no one reads it anyway
11:16:35 PM blackmesasource: don't care
11:16:37 PM blackmesasource: remove the entry
11:16:41 PM Pirate: nope
11:16:57 PM Pirate: i dont even recall the entry
11:17:24 PM blackmesasource: it's the second post on the main page
11:17:38 PM Pirate: going to be the 3rd pretty soon
11:17:59 PM blackmesasource: k
11:18:11 PM blackmesasource: my SSN is XXX-XX-XXX (NOTE: obviously not his SSN, nor do I have any reason to post a SSN)
11:18:18 PM blackmesasource: post that
11:18:21 PM blackmesasource: please
11:18:23 PM blackmesasource: i dare you
11:18:36 PM Pirate: dare all you like it wont happen
11:18:44 PM blackmesasource: you're right
11:18:49 PM blackmesasource: your blog will be deleted
11:18:56 PM Pirate: like i care if it does
11:19:09 PM blackmesasource: would you care if i posted your info on the net
11:19:11 PM Pirate: it is posted on a free service
11:19:14 PM Pirate: if i cared, it would not be
11:19:53 PM blackmesasource: so you are emil
11:20:44 PM Pirate: sorry, i dont see any personal info in that chat
11:20:54 PM Pirate: and you admit that you had the wrong sn to begin with
11:20:55 PM Pirate: so
11:21:01 PM Pirate: no impersonation or personal info
11:21:18 PM blackmesasource: blackmesasource@aol.com
11:21:22 PM blackmesasource: that's personal
11:21:28 PM blackmesasource: sorry try again
11:21:30 PM Pirate: email addresses are not personal info
11:21:34 PM Pirate: you try again
11:21:42 PM blackmesasource: yeah they are
11:21:46 PM Pirate: nope
11:21:46 PM blackmesasource: that's why they're data mined
11:21:49 PM Pirate: they are not
11:22:01 PM Pirate: that is why spammers can data mine them
11:22:02 PM blackmesasource: people lose fact
11:22:04 PM Pirate: they are not protected
11:22:09 PM blackmesasource: yeah because idiots post them
11:22:20 PM blackmesasource: you are emil aren't you?
11:22:26 PM Pirate: nope, i am not
11:23:51 PM blackmesasource: i suppose i could clone your blog and report all instances as spam
11:23:57 PM blackmesasource: perhaps another day
11:24:03 PM blackmesasource: what i've done is good enough
11:24:06 PM Pirate: knock yourself out
11:24:11 PM Pirate: whatever helps you sleep better
11:25:01 PM Pirate: you started im'ing me back in june 2010
11:25:08 PM Pirate: 12:48:57 AM blackmesasource: vapor
12:49:21 AM blackmesasource: i stole cerjam's email
12:49:24 AM blackmesasource: that fag
11:25:19 PM Pirate: where you admit to stealing email addresses
11:25:30 PM blackmesasource: i am cerjam
11:25:39 PM Pirate: sure you are

I block him, and he comes back:

11:26:12 PM lordcerj: yeah
11:26:13 PM lordcerj: i am

Another block:

11:27:28 PM lordcerja: problem?

Another block:

11:27:58 PM suckmyvegina: you'll only be able to block 200 accounts
11:28:00 PM suckmyvegina: i have about 400

Another block:

11:28:32 PM lickmyvegina: this isn't getting you anywhere

Another block:

11:28:59 PM blackmanwithclap: go ahead and post my social
11:29:00 PM blackmanwithclap: i dare you

Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you there?

9:27:29 PM elliekat1118: Hey are you there
9:27:49 PM Pirate: yes
9:28:15 PM elliekat1118: What is ur name
9:28:48 PM elliekat1118: Are you there
9:29:56 PM elliekat1118: Hey u there
9:30:00 PM Pirate: what do you want from me?
9:30:06 PM Pirate: you dont know me, i dont know you
9:30:42 PM elliekat1118: What is your name
9:30:57 PM Pirate: you cant read? my name is Pirate, and you dont know me
9:31:50 PM elliekat1118: Is this a real person
9:31:58 PM Pirate: yes, i am a real person
9:32:09 PM Pirate: why are you randomly adding me to your buddy list?
9:33:50 PM Pirate: what, is that it?

Could not send because elliekat1118 is not available. (9:33:51 PM)